First Profession of Sr. Maria Michaela

It’s a long way … from Brazil to the Isle of Wight, but when Karina de Paula heard God’s call to enter St Cecilia’s Abbey while on a visit there, she was ready to respond. Three years ago she left her home and  family to start her life as a Benedictine in the novitiate of St Cecilia’s.

After a year as a postulant she received the habit and the name Sr Maria Michaela.  After two years as a novice, on Friday 6th August she made her First Profession of the traditional Benedictine vows of stability, conversion of life and obedience.  If all goes well, in five years’ time Sr Maria Michaela will have the joy of making vows for life.  In the meantime she will continue her daily round of prayer, study and work – gardening, sewing, caring for the elderly members of the community and doing calligraphy and pyrography in the Abbey’s art studio – all consecrated to God in the silence of the cloister and in the sung praise and intercession of the Divine Office.